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Full list of ProCan Teams

ProCan Oncology

  • Professor Roger Reddel BSc (Med) MBBS PhD FRACP FAA Director CMRI, ProCan Co-Director and ProCan Oncology Co-Group Leader, Unit Head Cancer Research Unit
  • Dr Priya Duggal PhD Human Research Ethics and Governance Officer
  • Dr Jia (Jenny) Liu  Medical Oncologist
  • Dr Emma Boys  Medical Oncologist

ProCan Laboratory

  • Professor Phil Robinson ProCan Co-Director and Unit Head
  • Dr Peter Hains BBiomedSc PhD Team Leader, ProCan Laboratory and Senior Research Officer, Cell Signalling
  • Natasha Lucas MChem Staff Scientist
  • Dr Daniel Bucio-Noble Chem and Biomolecular Sciences PhD Research Officer
  • Erin Humphries BSc Research Assistant
  • Dr Jennifer Koh Biochem PhD Research Officer
  • Clare Loudon BMedSc (enrolled in Mphil) Senior Research Assistant
  • Daniela-Lee Smith BSc (Hon) (PhD submitted) Research Officer
  • Erin Sykes BSc (Hon) (PhD submission Feb 2021) Research Officer
  • Dr Steven Williams MedChem PhD Research Officer
  • Dylan Xavier Msc Staff Scientist

Computational Science (CDS and SFE)

Edith Hurt MSSc Team Leader, ProCan Computational Science

                   ProCan Cancer Data Science (CDS)

ProCan Cancer Data Science
ProCan Cancer Data Science
  • Dr Qing Zhong Dr. Sc. Group Leader, Cancer Data Science. Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
  • Dr Rebecca Poulos PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Rohan Shah PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Asim Anees PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Srikanth Manda PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Akila Seneviratne PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Merridee Wouters PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Zainab Noor PhD Data Scientist
  • Dr Mohashin Pathan PhD Data Scientist
  • Shawn Wu PhD Student
  • Simon Cai PhD Student

              Software Engineering (SFE)

ProCan Software Engineering
ProCan Software Engineering
  • Michael Dausmann BE (Hons) Full Stack Engineer, Team Leader ProCan Software Engineering
  • Dr Michael Hecker (Biomed Eng) Backend Engineer (HPC, LIMS & Data Lake)
  • Sean Peters BCompSc (Hons) Software Engineer

ProCan Operations

  • Edith Hurt MSSc Operations Manager, ProCan
  • Jo Hague ProCan LIMS & Quality Project Manager
  • Carina Puopolo Project Co-ordinator 
  • Georgia Cooke MBEth Bsc (Genetics and Psychology) Operations Assistant