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ProCan scientists at CMRI are analysing tens of thousands of examples of all types of cancer from all over the world to develop a library of information to advance scientific discovery and enhance clinical treatment worldwide.

This ambitious world-first research program aims to analyse the human cancer proteome on an unprecedented scale. To date, more than 45,000 tumour sample mass spectrometry runs have been completed. Well-annotated cancer samples are being sourced from collaborators and tissue banks worldwide. We are actively seeking collaborators with suitable cancer sample cohorts.

Team Pages for ProCan groups

  • ProCan Explained

    The international ProCan project aims to analyse tens of thousands of cancer samples and build a reference library for cancer to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment decision-making worldwide.

  • ProCan Tour

    Join us on a virtual tour of Children's Medical Research Institute's ProCan laboratory.

  • Why ProCan?

    Faster diagnosis and personalised treatment decisions will save more lives. This is one child's cancer journey.