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Kids just want to be kids, but instead of playing sports with their friends or catching butterflies on a sunny day, these kids are getting liver transplants, taking dozens of medications, or getting their next dose of chemotherapy.

You have the power to help by raising funds for research that will save precious little lives. Whether selling Jeans for Genes merchandise at your school or office, holding a ‘Bake it Blue’ bake sale, or asking your friends and connections online to support a great cause, your support is vital.

Together we can beat children's genetic diseases.

Select your donation amount:

Fund next generation DNA sequencing to help us find the cause of a genetic disease.
Help our scientists develop better cancer treatments with fewer side effects.
Support Gene Therapy the 'Medicine of the Future' and cure previously incurable conditions with a single injection.

Accelerate the search for cures.

By donating monthly, you can fund research that will have an even bigger impact on children living with a genetic disease.

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  • 1 in 20 kids needs your help

    Cancer, cystic fibrosis and rare metabolic disorders all have genetic causes - and research offers solutions

  • Gene Therapy Explained

    By correcting errors in DNA, we can find treatments and cures

  • ProCan

    More than 10,000 cancer samples analysed in an effort to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment planning globally

  • Meet Charlize

    Twins Charlize and Isaac were diagnosed with a severe metabolic disorder, Propionic Acidemia, but only Charlize survived.

Partner with Us

Our partners – whether they be corporate partners, individual donors or trusts and foundations – help us to increase our impact, knowledge and opportunities in the fight against childhood genetic diseases, like cancer, cystic fibrosis and metabolic disorders.

Jeans for Genes

Jeans for Genes funds revolutionary research that helps diagnose, understand, and find cures for conditions affecting kids, including genetic disorders, cancer, and epilepsy.

Real kids. real stories.

1 in 20 children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease, that's 12 every minute worldwide. They face a lifetime of hospital visits, transplants, or therapy and that's if they survive.

By donating, you will help us create a healthier, brighter future for children in Australia and around the world. Children like Fred and Linke fighting cancer, or Charlize and Madeline battling a lifelong genetic condition.

Together, we can help the children of the future live their healthiest lives.

If you would like more information about our research or other ways to get involved with our cause then please contact us at [email protected].


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