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Committees and Community Groups

Committees and Community Groups

Since CMRI's inception, we have relied on the devoted support of our auxiliary committees, who host a wide range of fundraising activities and events.

Our amazing CMRI Committees started in 1959 and remain the foundation of our community fundraising and public awareness efforts. From hosting quilt shows and card stalls to fashion parades and fabulous luncheons, they are a model for community involvement, spreading awareness of CMRI's important work across the country. Their work is crucial to the continuation of our medical research programs and helping us beat children's genetic diseases.

We encourage you to join a local committee, or form a new committee, and help us transform the lives of future generations of children.

If you would like more information or to apply, please contact [email protected] or call us on 1 800 436 437.

List of CMRI Committee Pages

Learn more about these amazing community groups, including how to contact them directly.

Canberra committee banner

The Canberra Committee was one of the first committees to support the then Children's Medical Research Foundation in 1960, with its initial meeting attracting 50 women which included Mrs Betty Watson as the first President.

In 1959, when Gerringong resident Dorothy Bailey contracted rubella while pregnant, her son was born with a congenital heart problem which led her to become passionate about the CMRI cause and that spirit still lives on today.

Carolyn Greig - Goulburn & Surrounds Committee

The Goulburn and Surrounds Committee covers an area of the South Tablelands between Sutton, Gunning & Windellama in the South and West, Penrose and Wingello in the North East, Marulan, Goulburn, Crookwell and Taralga in the north.

Hills Committee - Lisa Wilkinson and John Mangos

The Hills Committee was established in 1991 when a group of mothers in the Hills District rallied together. Patti Payne, the President, had been a member of the Beecroft Committee since the 60's, motivated by the loss of her first daughter as a result of a genetic condition.

In 1958 Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children's Medical Research Institute) visited Kangaroo Valley to raise much-needed funds for CMRI. At that time, Dorothy Brown was involved in starting the committee as President, and began catering for special events in the local area, which the committee continues to do today.

Maroota Committee

The Maroota Committee of CMRI was formed in 1966 as a result of a genetic blood disorder in one of the founding member’s family who wanted to give support to the hospital and the fledgling research centre.

Joy Loneragan became the first President of the Mudgee Committee in 1966 , after Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children's Medical Research Institute) visited the small town of Mudgee.

The Northern Beaches Committee of CMRI has been around since 1960, but was known as the Allambie Committee until 2003, when the network widened and the name changed to Northern Beaches. They host a wide range of fundraising activities to attract everyone, from tennis international championships to old fashion bush dances.

Quirindi Committee event - Denim and Diamonds

The Quirindi Committee was established by 10 local ladies who were motivated to support the efforts of Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children’s Medical Research Institute) and CMRI.

Racquet Committee banner

The Racquet Committee of CMRI originated from the Springtime Committee when three young married women and ex-nurses joined. In 1991, there was a diverse group of 20 tennis players which prompted the committee to change its name to the Racquet Committee.

Strathfield Committee dinner

The Strathfield Committee started in 1959 when five local women, whose husbands (including Dr John Harley, who later became Director of CMRI) were working with Sir Lorimer Dods at the RAHC, decided to form a committee to raise funds for the Children’s Medical Research Foundation, as it was known then.

Taree Committee members

The Taree Committee of CMRI started in June 1981 with 20 members; each had in some way been affected by children’s illnesses such as leukaemia, cancer or premature babies.

Thumbelina Committee banner (bus and boat day)

The Thumbelina Committee of CMRI began in 1958 and was made up of doctor’s wives and their friends and was known as the Rainbow Committee. In 1967 the name of the committee was changed to the Thumbelina Committee.

Vaucluse & Double Bay Committee banner

The Double Bay/ Vaucluse Committee of CMRI was formed in 1961 in a very formal fashion with Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children’s Medical Research Institute). Committee meetings then were held in the nurses lecture hall, after which Sir Lorimer would take the committee members round the wards to reinforce the raison d’être.

Wagga Wagga Committee Christmas Fair

The Wagga Wagga Committee started in 1983 and many of the original members still actively serve today. The Committee is most well known for its annual Christmas Fair with over 95 stalls participating, held over two days each October at the Murrumbidgee Turf Club.