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Advanced Microscopy, including The ACRF Telomere Analysis Centre (ATAC), enables world-leading research by providing comprehensive support for light microscopy techniques.

CellBank vial

Oceania's only registered cell line depository.

Enabling basic and translational research in vector-based gene therapy by providing access to the latest technologies, consultation, technical support, and study design

The facility offers a range of custom iPSC services including organoid model systems of disease. Our goal is to create a broadly available resource of human iPS cells-derived products and derivative tissues to accelerate research.

The facility supports CMRI and the Westmead Research Hub, as well as collaborations with other groups and individuals by offering access to equipment and methodology, as well as expertise in the assessment of feasibility and strategy development for projects and programs involving MS-based proteomics analysis.

Bioinformatics is the application of information technology to the study of biology and medicine. It is a multidisciplinary field combining biology, mathematics, statistics and computer science to unravel complex biological problems.

The BioResources team provides expert animal care services and enforces strict government guidelines to ensure animals are only used appropriately for research purposes.

CMRI welcomes visiting scientists from Westmead Research HUB Partners and other institutes to use our equipment and Core Facilities.

The Peptide Synthesis Facility provides high quality peptide-based materials for researchers, partner facilities, and commercial partners with a primary goal to support cancer research projects across NSW.

CMRI’s Single Cell Analytics Facility provides a range of instrumentation and services for researchers, partner facilities, and commercial entities with the aim to translate basic research into health outcomes that improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of childhood diseases.