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Research Overview

ProCan Oncology team has a definite and central role at ProCan. This role is multidimensional and is interrelating with all the other ProCan teams. The main role of the ProCan oncology team is establishing and maintaining collaborations with other researchers and research groups both nationally and internationally. This involves fulfilling and addressing the collaborators' requirements and inquires, working with ProCan executive board and other experts in the field in defining high-value research questions and planning the studies' design, writing, discussing, and getting approval on the research proposals both internally and externally. 

ProCan Oncology team also work with legal entities and governances in initiating and following up the ethics applications, legal contracts, and agreements. The Oncology team works in conjunction with the ProCan Laboratory and CDS teams in arranging and following the samples delivery, giving clinical insight that help in proteomic experiments design, helping and contributing to the data analyses and results interpretation.

ProCan Oncology team members have wide range of expertise that allow them to work across different stages of the projects pipeline. This includes expertise in medical oncology, clinical research, proteomics, genomics, project managements, research ethics and legal contracts, clinical trials methodology, and clinical epidemiology

Lab Head

Roger Reddel

Prof Roger Reddel

Professor Roger Reddel AO, BSc (Med) MBBS PhD FRACP FAAHMS FAA, Director of CMRI and Head, Cancer Research Unit, Co-Director ProCan
Available for Student Supervision

Director of CMRI, Co-Director of ProCan, and Head of the Cancer Research Unit

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Team Members

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Priya Duggal
PhD Human Research Ethics and Governance Manager
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Adel Aref
Senior Research Officer and Medical Oncologist
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Emma Boys
Medical Oncologist and PhD Student
Liz Editted
Liz Connolly
PhD Student
Veronica Yeung Student Photo
Veronica Yeung
PhD Student

ProCan Oncology