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To make major improvements to children's health, medical research is imperative. There will be no treatments or cures unless we do the work to find them. Your donation will help the 12 kids born every minute around the world with a birth defect or genetic disease.

Support us by making a one-off donation

Help our scientists understand and find treatments for rare diseases.
Fund next generation DNA sequencing to help us find the cause of a genetic disease.
Support Gene Therapy the 'Medicine of the Future' and cure previously incurable conditions with a single injection.

If you'd like to make a regular monthly donation, please phone us on 1800 436 437

What your donation achieves

Your donation directly supports our research programs into cancer, genetic diseases, birth defects, and neurological conditions like epilepsy. We receive no guaranteed government funding. Our scientists rely on hard-won grants and community support to keep their research going. If the funding stops, so does the research. Your support helps transform discoveries into cures and treatments for children affected by serious conditions.

Here's some of our achievements

Current Appeals

From time to time, we have exciting research projects in need of an extra boost to keep them going. Your support gives hope to families of affected children like these.