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Joe Axiak

Joe Axiak

One man's generosity will change lives.

Joe Axiak was a cattle farmer from Dunedoo in country NSW, a very generous and thoughtful man, whose expressed desire was to bequeath his entire estate to helping sick children.

Joe’s parents and brother moved to Dunedoo approximately 50 years ago and acquired three farming properties in total over that period.

Children's Medical Research Institute are the very grateful recipients of Joe's incredible generosity, having received a legacy gift via his Estate. It is incredibly meaningful for CMRI to be remembered in this way.

Joe sadly passed away in June 2020 at the age of 78. He was a farmer all his life and son of Maltese immigrants, Grazio and Grazia Axiak. Joe, his brother Andy, and parents moved to 'Liamena' Dunedoo in 1973 - a 2000-acre property in western NSW.

After losing their parents, Joe and Andy farmed this property and acquired several others and they were well known for their farming expertise throughout the district.

Joe's younger brother Andy passed away suddenly in 2017 and for Joe, life was never the same. His health began to deteriorate, and it was during this time that he became close friends with his trusted solicitor, who helped Joe choose three charitable beneficiaries in his Will.

Joe's very significant estate was divided between three charities – each committed to children’s medical research – an incredible and very meaningful legacy from which future generations of children will benefit.

A shared motivation of our gift in will donors is their concern for children, specifically children who suffer from genetic diseases. If you would like to consider leaving a gift to CMRI please get in touch with us. When you create a gift in your will for CMRI you are personally helping to advance important research that will give children and countless future generations, the lives they deserve.

The gifts we receive from estates are invested in long-term funds to create perpetual income that will make a positive impact in the fight against severe childhood diseases.