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Jennifer Philps

Jennifer Philps

One person who has seen how sustained research investment has had enormous benefits is CMRI’s beloved Community Relations Manager, Jennifer Philps:

“As a qualified science teacher, I believe in research. I believe in making a contribution to it. For many years I have given regularly to the work of CMRI. Like you, I’ve given what I could, when I could. I’ve also chosen to leave a gift in my Will to CMRI.

“It was a simple decision, because I know the gift I leave behind will keep on giving.

“It was because of someone else’s gift in Will that CMRI managed to start up the Neuroscience Department. Another person helped provide the injection of funds that maintains the Eye Genetics Research Unit, which today is restoring sight to children with retinal diseases previously thought to be incurable.

“We are all the beneficiaries of discoveries that were made 40, 50 years ago. Think about the diseases that were once unstoppable– polio, measles, diphtheria and even smallpox – all of these infectious diseases are diseases of the past.

“That’s what research does, and it’s what I want to leave for the next generation: An end to deaths from cancer, a world without preventable birth defects, and cures for genetic diseases. It’s more than possible, it’s probable.”

So many of the fundamental advancements that have been made by CMRI are the direct result of gifts in Wills that you, and people like Jennifer, can leave.

As someone who cares about CMRI’s work, Jennifer’s story is one we wanted to share with you. As a gift in Will donor, you will be invited to join our Legacy Circle with an opportunity to connect with Jennifer and other like-minded people. People connected by their commitment to helping us give children the lives they deserve.

Including a gift in your Will to Children’s Medical research Institute (CMRI) can make a huge difference to ensuring a cutting-edge project continues and contributes to finding new therapies or even cures for severe illnesses like cystic fibrosis and cancer.

Because gifts in Wills are invested along with our endowment fund, they provide sustained income in perpetuity to fund our most innovative research and help transform the future for generations of children.