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Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans

Volunteering and giving back to the community comes naturally to Miss Margaret Evans, who is a long-term supporter of Children’s Medical Research Institute, as well as volunteering at the State Library and the Botanic Gardens.

“Giving back is so important to me,’’ says Margaret.

Some years ago, Margaret recalls friends of her family speaking highly of the work of CMRI and always remembered the respect with which they spoke of the research. When she became a supporter of the Institute, she was amazed by what she saw.

“The work is very important for so many families,’’ says Margaret. “I find it hard to understand how parents and children can cope with genetic disease. The work being done to help these families is just so impressive. The average person can’t really understand how significant it is.’’

Margaret says she appreciates getting regular updates on what is being done at CMRI and enjoys reading how quickly the research is progressing.

“Reading about Professor Jamieson being involved in the first gene therapy for genetic eye disease was just absolutely wonderful,’’ she said. “It is all most impressive. To see what difference, they are making is brilliant.’’

She encourages others to support CMRI’s work by leaving a gift in their Will, because she believes every gift of a bequest counts.

“If we can all do our little bit to help, it makes a big difference. It offers so much hope for families of children with genetic disease and when you see the results, it is just amazing – so much has already been achieved, just in my lifetime.’’