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Foster Lee

Foster Lee

When Chartered Accountant and Tax Practitioner, Foster Lee, committed to leave Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) a gift in his Will, it was all about creating and sustaining a legacy.

“It’s very clear in my mind,’’ Mr Lee said. “There are so many different diseases that we don’t understand, and by donating to CMRI, you are creating a legacy. I’m not getting any younger. I want to leave something behind.’’

As a former auditor and now tax accountant who is often asked for his advice on investments, Mr Lee has always recommended CMRI because he knows it inside and out. He knows its transparency and accountability.

“One of my brothers is a paediatrician and the other a plastic surgeon. The latter performs pro-bono surgery on children with a cleft palate, and hence, I’ve always had a soft spot for children’s charities,’’ Mr Lee said. “When you are in the line of work like mine, you get approached by a number of charities. You’ve got to be extremely careful about which one you deal with. I have never had any hesitation in recommending CMRI as they are so reputable.

“My wife Cynthia and I have had the unique opportunity to meet with the Director Professor Roger Reddel and the Deputy Director Professor Patrick Tam. I’ve been in the labs and I’m so very impressed by the dedicated staff and researchers. I can easily put my hand on my heart and say, with utmost confidence, that the work they are doing is exceptional. Second to none’’

While Mr Lee is passionate about being a regular donor, he feels a gift in his Will is vitally important because it funds research into the future.

“The thing that propels me is the research that is being done, not just for kids today, but for our future – that’s the footprint. You are creating an opportunity to make change and create an impact on the lives of families.

“If you are going to invest your money somewhere, you really want it to go to an organisation with integrity and with a strong reputation. That’s where CMRI stands out, in my view.”