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Marlene Mary Double

Marlene Mary Double

When Marlene was living at home with her mother in Cremorne their neighbours had three young children. Sadly, one of the children who had been bright and healthy became extremely ill and died without the doctors being able to find the cause.  Marlene’s niece said she never mentioned her intentions but believed the childhood experience resonated with Marlene and influenced her decision to leave a gift in her Will to CMRI.

Marlene worked as a personal secretary, and after her retirement continued her busy life, enjoying holidays in Australia and overseas, and volunteering for Vinnies Shop and Meals on Wheels. 

Throughout her life, Marlene was involved in many musical societies on the North Shore, including the Chatswood Musical Society. She had begun performing from the early age of six and her passion for music continued throughout her life - after retirement, she was involved in a group who performed concerts at various Aged Care facilities in Sydney.

Knowing Marlene’s caring nature, her family were happy to know that she had a gift with the intention of supporting research that would help children.

Marlene’s niece describes her as a very caring and loving person.  “She loved children, and I am sure she would be happy to know that her donation will assist CMRI’s important research”.