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Margaret Mackisack

Margaret Mackisack

Margaret Mackisack is one of CMRI’s greatly valued supporters. As well as being a regular donor, she is helping by establishing a scholarship in perpetuity to support future research projects, a legacy for future generations of children, in memory of her mother.

Her mother, Joan Mackisack (known as “Sue”), had a strong connection with CMRI. She knew Sir Lorimer Dodds while training as a nurse at the Royal Australian Childrens’ Hospital in Camperdown during the 1940s. She returned to the hospital as a volunteer in the 1960s and worked in the child-minding centre for many years. Sue was elected as volunteers’ representative on the Hospital Board. She also joined the Board of what was known as the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (later CMRI), until about 1991.

Susie (Joan) Mackisack

“My mother was always a supporter, and CMRI and the Children’s Hospital were charities at the top of her list.”

Margaret describes philanthropy as a family commitment, and sees it as an obvious choice to support CMRI via a named scholarship in perpetuity, as that would have been close to her mother’s heart.

Through this shared commitment to philanthropy, Margaret says she aims to accomplish both an outcome – that a scientist who is supported may achieve something - and to provide moral support to the endeavour.

“Coming from an academic background, I understand how people battle to get funding, to travel to conferences, research, or the many aspects of research that require financial support.

“I’ve always thought that CMRI was a ‘Good Thing’ because it seems to me that the benefits of improving potential outcomes for babies and children can go a long way.

“I remember when I was a child that childhood cancers were a nightmare, in a way that they’re not now, because of all the research that’s been done. Over my life, I’ve seen the benefits of such activity and would like to see it continue into the future.”