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Dianne Hodge

Dianne Hodge

Dianne’s husband, Dr Robert Hodge, was a doctor and a teacher, and an innovator. He lived to make a difference, and he shared this passion with his wife Dianne. Dianne said she is determined to continue his legacy, to continue supporting visionary research, and this is why she decided to leave a gift in Will in his name, to CMRI.  

“I wanted to do something that would reflect the true generosity and life-changing spirit of my husband.”

Dianne also cares deeply about the work of CMRI, because she’s seen first-hand how research can change lives.  

Dianne said that when she saw CMRI’s highly innovative new research project, ProCan, she knew this would provide answers for children undergoing treatment for cancer.  

“I saw that ProCan could revolutionise diagnosis and treatment recommendations in the future and that CMRI’s researchers are getting to the very core of diseases. That’s what we can help create by leaving a gift for the future - a new world.”

“I know how good it feels to be leaving CMRI a gift in my Will.  I have a real sense of excitement of solidarity and anticipation in what can be achieved’. It’s a feeling I want to be able to share with others.

“Planning to leave a gift in my Will has given me the sense of a true connection to everything my husband stood for and I believe in. I’m sure that others who leave a gift in their Will, will share the same sense of elation and gratification that I do.”

Many of our gift in Will donors share a hope to leave the world a better place for the next generation of children – specifically, children who suffer from genetic diseases. When you create a gift in your Will for CMRI you are personally helping to advance important research that will give children and countless future generations, the lives they deserve.