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The Judith Hyam Memorial Trust Fund

The Judith Hyam Memorial Trust Fund

Prior to her untimely death from cancer, Judith Hyam was the Lady Mayoress of Parramatta, as wife of Lord Mayor at the time Alan Hyam.

Judith was also a Councillor in her own right as a member of the Environment, Planning and Development Committee and the Works and Park Committee, and she was a delegate to the Western Sydney Organisation of Councils. Judith was a Patron of numerous organisations, always giving her time, energy and support whenever she could.

Unfortunately, the stress and strain took its toll on Judith’s health and her fine public career came to an abrupt halt on 21st August 1990, when she passed away at Mount Druitt Hospital following her long fight with cancer. Her funeral was probably the biggest ever seen in the city and was attended by the State Premier, other politicians, judges, barristers, lawyers, senior police and of course, hundreds of ordinary folk who she knew and loved so well.

The shock of this whole tragic affair brought together a small band of family and friends who resolved not to let her memory pass, but to work to raise funds for cancer research in her name. From this embryo of an idea was born the Judith Hyam Memorial Trust Fund for Cancer Research Inc, with monies raised going towards cancer research.

Many leading citizens and organisations have lent their support over the years including, Parramatta RSl, Neil Williams (deceased), Parramatta Art Society, The Riverside Theatre and Parramatta Leagues Club. Also the continuing support of Parramatta City Council and Joey Fimmano (entertainer) who has organised many concerts over the years.

The Trust currently has 30 members and 6 Trustees who are responsible for managing the fund.

A small band of tireless workers continue to raise funds now in its 24th year from street stalls, concerts, coach trips, donations, raffles and their hard work has raised over $1 million for cancer research. What an achievement, the dedication and energy of these brilliant fundraiser has helped CMRI's cancer research programs.

The legacy of the committee has continued for many years, and is currently aptly driven by Des Kennedy and a band of tireless workers. Through their fundraising efforts over many years, including street stalls, concerts and dinners, their hard work has accumulated to reach $1 million in donations for cancer research. The dedication and energy of these brilliant fundraisers has helped the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s cancer research programs advance in so many ways.

Contact: Diana Mahoney, President