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Earle Page College

Earle Page College

Students from Earle Page College at the University of New England make a pilgrimage each year from Armidale to Coffs Harbour to raise money for Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Every year, a group of dedicated students at the college spend countless hours organising sponsors and staging fundraisers to make the event possible. Events include the annual fashion parade, trivia nights, tipping competitions, Blind Date Week, and even scavenger hunts.

A group of 40 runners make their way from the front lawn at Earle Page College, through Dorrigo, Megan, Brooklana, Coramba and finally to the jetty at Coffs Harbour, completing the tough 220km trek.

The run was established in 1980 by local Armidale identity Brent Gregory, who debated with friends whether one person could make a difference in the world. Mr Gregory initially started the Charity Run with a strong motivation to support an organisation whose focus is on preventing childhood illness.