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Mudgee Committee

Mudgee Committee

Joy Loneragan became the first President of the Mudgee Committee in 1966 , after Sir Lorimer Dods (co-founder of Children's Medical Research Institute) visited the small town of Mudgee.

Back in 1966 the committee was known for its country-style homemade cooking, like a hot chicken dish and apple crumble.

Today, the committee hosts special events throughout the year ranging from Moroccan themed cocktail parties to a beautiful luncheon at local wineries.

The committee also spreads the word of Jeans for Genes Day each year, encouraging local schools and businesses to participate as well as manning the local charity Christmas card shop.

Donate to CMRI Through the Mudgee Committee

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Help grow cells in the lab and test treatments.

Click the button below to setup your monthly donation. As a regular monthly giver, you will have an even bigger impact on the lives of Aussie kids facing genetic diseases. Alternatively, you can phone 1800 436 437 to organise your regular gift.

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