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Procan News

  • ProCan Tour

    Join us on a virtual tour of Children's Medical Research Institute's ProCan laboratory.

  • ProCan Explained

    The international ProCan project aims to analyse tens of thousands of cancer samples and build a reference library for cancer to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment decision-making worldwide.

  • Why ProCan?

    Faster diagnosis and personalised treatment decisions will save more lives. This is one child's cancer journey.


ProCan Information Flyers

Procan general thumb

General overview of the ProCan program.

Procan scientific thumb

ProCan information for scientific audiences.

ProCan Newsletters

Procan 2022 thumb

News as of September 2022.

Pro Can 2021 Newsletter thumb

Updates as of July 2021.

2020 newsletter thumb

Updates as of August 2020

2019 newsletter thumb

First ProCan newsletter.

ProCan Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022 Procan

ProCan activities for calendar year 2021.

Procan 2020 Annual Report Front Image

ProCan activities for calendar year 2020.

Procan 2019 annual report thumb

ProCan's progress during the 2019 calendar year.

Procan 2018 annual report thumb

ProCan activities for calendar year 2018.

Procan 2017 annual report thumb

ProCan activities for the calendar year 2017.

Procan 2016 annual report thumb

ProCan's first annual report.