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Generation of iPS cell lines

Generation of iPS cell lines

The generation of iPS cells is referred to as reprogramming and involves the expression of four pluripotency genes in adult cells, such as skin fibroblasts and peripheral blood cells (PBMCs).

We utilise efficient non-integrating episomal reprogramming methods to deliver these pluripotency genes and induce the generation of pluripotent stem cells. The resulting cells are characterised for the expression of pluripotency factors and screened to ensure a normal karyotype.

The Facility also offers expansion and banking of iPS cell lines, in partnership with CellBank Australia.

These cell lines can also be maintained by our experienced scientific team for downstream applications, such as the generation of terminally differentiated cells or organoids of your choice.

See below for service overview.


  • Isolation, expansion and short term storage of PBMCs and/or fibroblasts
  • Non Integrative episomal method

Clones isolation, expansion and banking

  • Isolation of 3 clones
  • Feeder free expansion for 10 passages
  • 3 vials for each clone stored for 1 year at Cellbank Australia

Basic characterisation

  • IHC or flow cytometry for pluripotency markers
  • Digital SNP karyotype
  • Mycoplasma testing

Optional advanced characteristation

  • Plasmid Integration check by PCR
  • 3 germ layer differentiation
  • Scorecard pluripotency

Other Recommended services

  • STR Human Cell Line Authentication
  • Extended storage

We offer competitive prices. Please contact us for further details.