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Functional Analysis

The CMRI Stem Cell & Organoid Facility has high throughput state-of-the-art micro electrode array (MEA) technology to assess excitable cells function.

The Axion Biosystem Maestro Pro MEA

Easy to operate, multiplex system (6,24,48, and 96 well MEA plates format) in a temperature and CO2 controlled environment. 

Stem Cell and Organoid Facility system specification modules available: 

  • Neuronal - measure the key parameters of neural network function, including activity (neuronal functionality), synchrony (synapses formation) and oscillation (network functionality).
  • Cardiac - record the four key measures of functional cardiac performance: action potential (a.k.a LEAP assay); field potential; propagation; and contractility.

Our system enables the control of cellular activity using:

  • Electrical stimulation 
  • Light pulses, using the Lumos optical stimulation system

Please, contact us for training and fees. 

The Axion MEA system has been kindly supported by the Ian Potter Foundation.

Optimised protocol for organoids proteome and single cell RNA sequencing

The Stem Cell and Organoid Facility collaborates with other facilities at CMRI to facilitate omics experimentation.

Optimised protocol for organoids gene therapy

The Stem Cell and Organoid Facility has established capabilities in the utilisation of organoids for gene therapy studies.

  • In collaboration with Translation Vectorology Unit (TRVU) we have used organoids to test the efficiency of various AAV capsids
  • Organoids can be utilised to test promoter specificity
  • Screening of AAV libraries for selection of tissue-specific capsids in collaboration with TRVU at CMRI