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Single Cell Analytics

Single Cell Analytics

To request a service and quote please contact us:

Single Cell Analytics Facility

Email: [email protected]

10X Genomics Chromium Controller

The 10X Genomics Chromium Controller is a high throughput single-cell molecular barcoding system. This instrument allows researchers to go beyond traditional gene expression analysis to characterise cell populations, cell types and cell states on a cell-by-cell basis. The Single Cell Analytics Facility can prepare samples for 3’ Gene Expression assays using the 10X Chromium Controller. This High-throughput automated barcoding and library construction system enables powerful RNA and DNA sequencing applications. The 10X Chromium Controller is driven by 10X Genomics GemCode Technology and enables the isolation of up to 80,000 individual cells in a single run.

Fluidigm C1™ system

The Fluidigm C1™ system provides a quick and easy work flow for the isolation, extraction, reverse transcription, and pre-amplification of up to 800 single cells within a population using integrated fluidic circuits (IFC). Visualisation of capture sites the IFC allows cell viability and capture quality to be assessed. After visualisation, cells are automatically lysed

Biomark™ HD system

The Biomark™ HD system is a high-throughput PCR cycler capable of running up to 96 samples against 96 gene sets in less than 24 hours. It may be used with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry to accommodate most genomic applications. It is also compatible with the Fluidigm C1™ system. The integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) are available in a range of sizes and allow PCR reactions in nanoliter volumes. The Biomark™ HD system runs IFCs in either real-time or end-point read modes, bringing flexible, efficient and economical PCR solutions to a range of applications including single-cell analysis.

10X Chromium 3’ Gene Expression service. 

This service includes:

• Cell counts and viability processing
• Cell isolation and barcoding using Gel Bead-In Emulsion (GEM) technology
• Post GEM RT Cleanup and cDNA amplification
• Gene Expression Library construction

This Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution allows researchers to:

• Identify and characterise rare cell types
• Analyse and evaluate the attribute of cellular heterogeneity in your biological system
• Evaluate mRNA and cell surface protein expression profiles within the same cell

Full service from cell samples to sequencing

CellBank Australia can prepare your cell samples for the single-cell 10X Chromium service. We can accept and process cells in frozen vials or growing cultures. You may wish to consider using our other cell bank services in conjunction with the single-cell 10X Chromium service.

The Single Cell Analytic Facility
at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is highly experienced in 10x Chromium 3’ Gene Expression and will ensure you receive highly accurate and reproducible results.

We send your samples directly for sequencing to your preferred sequencing company or return samples for your own arrangements.

Other 10X solutions are available.
Please contact staff at CMRI’s Single Cell Analytics Facility ([email protected])

Fluidigm C1™ and Biomark™ HD system

Single Cell Analytics Facility staff can provide full hands-on training for researchers requiring access to these instruments.