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Recombinant viral vectors harness the natural ability of viruses to transduce living cells and are powerful tools for transgene delivery. The Vectorology Facility is an innovative academic scientific core facility aimed at supporting basic and translational research in vector-based gene editing and therapy to target genetic diseases. The Vectorology Facility focuses on the packaging of lentiviral, adenoviral and AAV vectors and offers a range of services to assist with basic and translational research.


Vectorology Services

Recombinant viral vectors harness the natural ability of viruses to transduce living cells and have emerged as extremely powerful tools for transgene delivery. Everything from gene overexpression, downregulation and silencing can be achieved with the right viral vector, making your research easier than ever. Vector systems can even package the powerful CRISPR machinery and open the door to highly precise gene editing as well as a wide variety of other applications.

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Genome Engineering Services

VGEF is your one-stop shop for CRISPR gene editing services. We offer custom services in immortalised cells, primary human/murine cells and iPSC in support of fundamental and preclinical biomedical research.

Building on exciting recent developments in the field of gene editing and genome engineering, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services based on the state of the art CRISPR technology, and more! We can confidently tackle a wide range of applications, from the ‘standard’ CRISPR services - such as gene knock-out, knock-in, and the introduction of point mutations - to gene expression modulation, epigenome and RNA editing.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry! We offer consultation and process optimization services to help you tackle even the most challenging of gene editing projects.

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Project consultation

Project Consultation

In the last decade, the field of gene engineering has been riding a tidal wave of innovation! With hundreds of publications every week and dozens of variations on the core technology, CRISPR gene editing can be challenging to master, even to experienced users. Add to that the 50+ AAV serotypes, each with unique properties, and more being discovered all the time, scientists are presented with a vast multitude of choices.

We at VGEF believe that a multitude of choices gives birth to a wealth of solutions. Do you have a project in mind, but don’t quite know how to proceed? We are more than happy to sit down with you, discuss your specific experimental needs and share our knowledge and expertise with AAV and CRISPR gene editing technology to advise you on a plan that is right for you and fits your budget, at absolutely no obligation to you.

Ready to get started? Simply email us to open a conversation.

How to Place an Order

Custom Vector Packaging

To place an order for custom vector packaging (lentiviral, AAV or Ad), please download and complete this order form.

Email completed forms to VGEF.

Vector Stocks

For vector stocks available for purchase, please visit the VGEF Stocks list..

Please complete, print and sign the online order form.
Note: Only Group Leaders can sign this form.

Then please email completed form to VGEF.

Connect with Us on Social

Facebook: @CMRI.VGEF.TVG (

If you want to request a reagent, want to ask about specific unpublished results or want to initiate collaboration, please do not use our social site but send us an email.

Employment and Training Opportunities


VGEF will consider special requests from academic and commercial customers for consulting and/or hands-on training in vector production and genome editing. All interested parties should email VGEF at [email protected].

VGEF is growing and thus we are always looking for experienced and/or promising new team members.

If you have relevant skills and are looking for a job, or want to get out of your dead-end and boring job, check out VGEF!

We are looking for people who:

  • are interested in learning new skills,
  • are driven and energetic,
  • want to be part of the fast-moving fields of vectorology, gene therapy and gene editing,
  • want to contribute to the scientific progress by assisting other labs AND actively developing new relevant tool.

Potential applicants should contact [email protected] for employment opportunities.

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