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More Information

More Information

These are excellent organisations and resources within Australia with specific expertise in providing genetics education and/or support to families affected by genetic disease or cancer.

Cancer Australia Logo

The Children's Cancer  website maintained by the Australian Government has information for families and health professionals, including information on clinical trials available.

Genetic Alliance Australia
 (formerly the Association of Genetic Support of Australasia) provides support and information for individuals and families affected by a genetic condition.

NSW Health

Centre for Genetics Education
provides excellent up-to-date and relevant information to individuals and family members affected by genetic conditions and the professionals who work with them. The Centre's research and education activities aim to bring genetics information to the widest audience possible.

DNA from the Beginning

DNA from the beginning
DNA from the beginning, an animated site introducing DNA, genes and heredity.

For interesting science - Explained! See the Australian Academy of Science Curious Minds website.