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Q&A-Vaishnavi Veeraraghavan

Q&A-Vaishnavi Veeraraghavan

Meet Vaishnavi Veeraraghavan who is a Researcher Assistant in the Cellular Cancer Therapeutics Unit

What is your background?

I recently graduated from the University of Sydney with an Honours degree in infectious diseases and currently work as a research assistant in the Cellular Cancer Therapeutics group.

What attracted you to science?

The inherent curiosity of research drew me to it initially. The more I realised how much creativity it involves, I couldn’t help but feel constantly humbled and challenged by the process.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Besides the meaningful nature of working to bring potentially life-changing research to life, it is the people from all walks of life that I meet and learn from that makes my job so fulfilling. The team environment and comradery makes every challenge and success that much more rewarding.

Tell us something your colleagues may not know about you?

I almost pursued a career in art instead of science, until my high school chemistry teacher talked me out of it - thank you Ms Pillay!