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CMRI PhD Scholarship

CMRI PhD Scholarship

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) offers a PhD Scholarship in Basic Medical Research to high achieving students. Students make an integral contribution to the research outcomes of CMRI.

Before considering undertaking a PhD at CMRI, please review our research teams section here.

If you are interested in a particular area of research for your PhD, make contact with the team leader via email. You may be asked to provide further details and meet with them.

If a CMRI team leader is interested in taking you on as a student, then you will be asked to apply for a CMRI PhD Scholarship and any other relevant scholarships.

Most students are enrolled through the University of Sydney, as CMRI has departmental status within the Faculty of Medicine and Health. However, enquiries from students enrolled at other universities are most welcome.

Our PhD program offers additional financial support above the standard university remuneration and staff will provide extensive support with other scholarship applications.

Application Deadlines 

Domestic students: 

28 February each year (for a PhD start in July of the same year)

31 August each year (for a PhD start the following March) 

International students:

31 July each year (for a PhD start the following March)

31 October each year (for a PhD start the following July)