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Steven obtained his BSc in Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry, followed by a PhD in Pharmacy at the University of Sydney in 2015. His doctoral research focused on the function of GABA-A receptors, under the supervision of Jane Hanrahan, Mary Collins & Graham Johnston. He then held a post-doctoral position with Mary Collins and Iain McGregor under the Lambert Initiative, studying the effects of cannabinoids and antiepileptic drugs on cys-loop receptors.

After relocating to the United Kingdom, Steven began working with Sarah Lummis at Cambridge University Department of Biochemistry. His role here was to perform structure/function studies on cys-loop receptors, however, he soon developed a keen interest in applying this work to gene therapy treatments for epilepsy. This led him to join the lab of Dimitri Kullmann at University College London, Institute of Neurology, where he continued his research in the field of gene therapy for an additional four years. 

In 2023 Steven returned to his home town of Sydney, eager to continue his academic career in the lab of Leszek Lisowski at CMRI. He is currently working on the optimisation of virus-like particles for the treatment of rare genetic diseases.

Steven Devenish

Research Officer