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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer ensures that CMRI delivers impact from its scientific endeavours and maximum benefit to the wider community.

The Team

The CMRI Technology Transfer Team has extensive experience in the development of commercialisation pathways, business development, intellectual property (IP) protection and management, legal agreements as well as contracts and alliance management. With a global network in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, we are well positioned to find the most appropriate industry partners to help bring our technologies to commercial reality, delivering impact and benefit to patients. 

Opportunity identification and development of translational pathways

We work closely with our Researchers to identify IP as it is created and assist in protecting and guiding the development of that IP. Our team assesses the opportunities and determines the best pathway to translate these discoveries to secure optimal outcomes for patients. This can include the facilitation of clinical collaborations, partnerships with industry, licensing of technologies, and/or the formation of start-up companies.


Enhancing Immuno-Oncology Treatments

Thumb Overcoming Chemotherapy Resistant

Overcoming Chemotherapy-Resistant Leukemia


AAV Vector Development Program

Gene therapy

AAV Vector Development & Clinical Vector Manufacturing

Pro Can

Transforming cancer diagnosis and personalised treatment decision making

Thumb Pro Can

Resurrecting failed oncology drugs and enabling better patient selection for clinical trials.


Targeting ZNF827 for synthetic lethality in cancer


Advanced capabilities in stem cell and organoid research