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Radek graduated with an MSc in Biotechnology from Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland; 2007-2012) and PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from National University of Singapore (2013-2018). Following completion of his PhD, Radek joined the Genome Integrity Unit through a postdoctoral fellowship in a collaboration with Dr. Harriet Gee and the Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network (SWRON). Radek’s project aims to understand the mechanism of cell death in response to high doses of ionizing radiation and utilize the knowledge for the benefit of radiation therapy treatment in cancer. During his PhD, Radek investigated spatial and temporal relationships between DNA replication and mitosis using mouse models with his research goals directed towards understanding of the interplay between cell cycle regulators and DNA damage response machinery, and the consequences of its dysregulation on genomic stability and tumorigenesis.

Radek Szmyd

Research Officer