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Noa graduated with a BSc in biology and psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She completed her MSc and PhD in the genetics department at the Hebrew University with Prof. Yehuda Tzfat investigating how telomere structure supports chromosome protection in yeast and human cells. As a PhD student, she also completed a short-term EMBO fellowship at The Rockefeller University in the lab of Prof. Titia de Lange.

In 2013 Noa started her postdoctoral training with Prof. Batsheva Kerem in the department of Genetics at the Hebrew University, supported by the Israel Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) Postdoctoral fellowship. She then relocated to Australia to join the Genome Integrity Group at CMRI, headed by A/Professor Tony Cesare. Her research centred on how DNA replication stress affects genome integrity and cancer development. She was a Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellow and a recipient of the Hebrew University women in science award.

In January 2023, Noa became the head of the "Nuclear Dynamics" group to lead hypothesis-driven, high-impact research to gain conceptual advances in the biology of the cell’s nucleus. She aims to understand the role of nuclear architecture and dynamics in DNA repair and cancer development. Her study combines basic research with translational approaches to identify, validate, and target specific regulators of nuclear dynamics to eliminate cancer.

Noa Lamm-Shalem

Lab Head, Nuclear Dynamics Group
Available for Student Supervision