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Marti was born and raised in Barcelona, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from the University Autonoma of Barcelona. Then he pursued and received a M.Sc in Applied Biotechnology from Uppsala University (Sweden). 

He completed his Master’s Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Lisowski in the Gene Transfer, Targeting and Therapeutics Core at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. He was the first PhD candidate participating in the newly formed CMRI-UCL Bridge Program and worked on a joint project between the group of Professor Adrian Thrasher (Institute of Child Health, London, UK) and Dr. Leszek Lisowski at CMRI.

He earned his PhD in Gene Therapy at the University College London in 2019 and since then he joined the team of Dr. Lisowski as a Research Officer, developing novel AAV capsids with improved human liver tropism.

Marti Cabanes Creus

Senior Research Officer