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Kate Giles graduated with a BSc (Advanced) from Western Sydney University in 2014, where she obtained Class I Honours and was awarded the University Medal, along with the Dean’s Medal for graduating in the top 2% of the cohort. Kate then joined the Epigenetics Research Laboratory at the Garvan Institute, where she completed her PhD in 2019. Kate’s PhD research used cutting-edge next-generation sequencing approaches to investigate chromatin remodelling and epigenetic changes occurring in prostate cancer. For this research she was awarded the Dean’s Award for Outstanding PhD Theses. During her PhD Kate also served as Secretary on the executive committee for the 2015 EMBL Australia PhD Symposium and supervised undergraduate laboratory classes. In 2019 Kate embarked on her postdoctoral journey and joined the Genome Integrity Unit. Kate’s current research project is in collaboration with Dr Phillippa Taberlay (University of Tasmania) and explores the role of chromatin remodelling complexes in DNA replication and replication stress.

Kate Giles

Research Officer