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Jesse completed his BSc degree, graduating with Honours at the University of Sydney in 2017, with a project focusing on the development of chemical tools to aid in the proteomic analysis of SUMO-modified proteins. After Honours, he worked briefly as a lab technician for the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) before joining CMRI as part of the Cell Signalling Unit in 2015. Working under Dr. Mark Graham in Cell Signalling, and then the Synapse Proteomics Group, Jesse’s work focused on the role of phospho-signalling in the pre-synaptic active zone as well as looking at the phospho-proteome of homeostatic plasticity models. Coming to the Stem Cell Medicine Group in 2021, Jesse brings with him skills in neuronal tissue culture, phospho-proteomics, multiple electrode array analysis and molecular biology. Most of his spare time is spent in front of the computer playing games which, he confesses, he isn't particularly good at.

Jesse Wark

Research Assistant