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Hardik completed his Bachelors in Zoology from Gujarat University in India, after which he moved to Australia to pursue his master’s in biotechnology from The Australian National University in 2017. After finishing his Master’s in 2019, he moved to Melbourne for a research internship at the Bio21 Institute and Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, collaborating on projects involving fragment hotspot mapping software development and mutational analysis of DNA repair mechanisms with Dr. David Ascher. 

After which for 2 years he served as Molecular Biologist at the Scientific Diagnostic Centre in Ahmedabad, India, performing diagnostic tests and contributing to laboratory maintenance and quality management. In 2022 he came back to Melbourne and has worked as a Laboratory Technician at the Ion Channels and Disease group of Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, providing technical support for in vitro screening of novel therapies. 

Hardik joined the Translational Vectorology Unit (TVU) as a Research Assistant in May 2023. With a passion for scientific discovery and a diverse skill set, he is dedicated to contributing to cutting-edge research and its real-world applications.

Hardik Parate

Research Assistant