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Jeans for Genes is an opportunity to teach students about STEM, leadership, and compassion for others - all while raising money to help sick kids.

Funds raised go directly to Children's Medical Research Institute to help our scientists find cures for genetic diseases, including cancer, and other serious conditions affecting 1 in 20 children – that’s nearly one child in every classroom!

How to fundraise at your school:

  • Register your interest for Jeans for Genes 2024!
  • Start brainstorming ideas for your event - a mufti day, bake sale, a school-wide challenge, or anything else you can think of. Options are limitless! See our Fundraising Ideas and Resources.
  • Deposit the donations you’ve collected to help kids fighting genetic diseases.

We're developing a STEM education site for primary school students. Please have a look and give us your feedback!

A few of the amazing students supporting Jeans for Genes!