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With your help, children like Linke won’t need to endure months of treatments in search of one that will work, only to give them long-term side effects.

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At this time, treatment options were limited and after months of trying, Linke continued to deteriorate.

Will you give children like Linke the gift of hope this Christmas?

Together we can beat children's genetic diseases.

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Revolutionise cancer treatment by helping us develop big data technology to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment planning.
Can help our researchers understand how to best treat and manage childhood cancers affecting kids like Linke.
Can help our researchers develop technology that analyses cancer proteins quicker so patients have the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

Accelerate the search for cures.

By donating monthly, you can fund research that will have an even bigger impact on children living with a genetic disease.

The doctors told her parents to enjoy their last Christmas together

Linke found out she had leukaemia at just 14 months old when she was taken to her local hospital in South Africa. Linke’s parents went home and spent Christmas with their little girl. Rene, Linke’s mum, refused to give up hope and reached out to as many oncologists as she could, reaching every corner of the globe.

Hope for Linke

The only one to respond was Children’s Medical Research Institute Board Member Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza who told her, “I can’t promise to save her, but I can promise I won’t stop trying.”

That bit of hope was everything to Linke and her parents.

Their family packed up and within six weeks of arriving in Sydney and beginning treatment, Linke was in remission.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of young Linke’s battle.

The side effects from months of taking ineffective treatments has left her with lifelong problems. Until recently, she had bleeding gums, fainted easily, regularly had a fever, and problems with her vision. Today she still has learning difficulties, pain in her legs, and is easily tired and out of breath.

But there is hope.

You can give children like Linke the gift of hope this Christmas by donating today.

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Donate to advance medical research

You can support our researchers today who are working on finding ways to better predict which children can be cured with less-intensive treatments, giving them fewer side effects.

Your generosity today could change the lives of future generations of kids with leukemia. You can make what was once impossible, possible.

Please donate today and give the gift of hope this Christmas.

Together, we can give the 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease like cancer hope for a healthier, brighter future.