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Regular Giving

Regular Giving

Become a GameChanger and help save children’s lives.

When Sir Lorimer Dods established CMRI in 1958, he was determined to make a real, tangible difference to the lives of sick Australian children. He was our original GameChanger.

Today, the scale of research being undertaken at CMRI is truly remarkable. A number of our discoveries have become standard medical practice around the world.

We are working towards finding new ways to prevent, treat or cure genetic diseases, birth defects and cancer. To achieve this our research uses the world’s most advanced equipment and we recruit specialists in leading technological fields such as gene editing and bioinformatics.

This requires significant financial resources and forward planning.

When you become a GameChanger, you become part of the team that keeps CMRI moving forward. Your regular monthly donation is an essential ingredient in creating a brighter future for children in Australia.

Why we need your support.

To make major advances, a long term view is imperative. Ours are not results that come to fruition after a short study or a quick investigation, but they are the very foundation of tomorrow’s treatments and cures.

Whilst we do receive some government funding, typically each grant runs for three years ... which doesn’t allow for the longer view we need to take. It takes a huge amount of a researcher’s time to apply for new funding and if successful, our scientists will work on their research for roughly two years before they have to re-apply for funding… never knowing whether their subsequent funding will be approved.

Just one in five grant applications is funded (and CMRI's success rate is higher than most research institutes and universities because of the high calibre of our research). This means that promising research is at risk of being cut short all the time.

Most important of all is our “independent” status. This means that we take responsibility for generating funds from various sources so that we are able to consistently fund long-term research programs. Ongoing financial support from our GameChangers means that we can follow new avenues of research as soon as we find them in the hope of making exciting discoveries sooner.

How regular giving works.

Each month an agreed amount is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. You decide how much to give, and you can increase, decrease, or even cancel your payment at any time.

As a GameChanger you will receive:

• Regular updates that tell you how your support is helping our researchers

• The opportunity to attend one of our Discovery Days and see first-hand how researchers are investigating the causes of childhood diseases

• An annual statement of your contributions issued each financial year for taxation purposes.

Next steps.

Becoming a GameChanger is easy. Simply contact us via email or phone. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 436 437