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William and Hugo are brothers growing up with limited hearing. And they are now losing their vision too. Will you help find a cure, so they can look forward to a future with the sights and sounds of Christmas?

Usher Syndrome Type 2C is a debilitating genetic condition causing deafness at birth and then blindness in adolescence. This means both boys will eventually lose their sight along with their already limited hearing.

Mum, Julianne says, “I remember hoping, while waiting for the results of the genetic testing, that whatever they had it wasn’t Usher. When we had our fears come true, we were a little angry and sad.”

Imagine what it must be like to slowly lose your hearing and then your sight. Especially as a child. What will future Christmases be like for these boys?

There is hope.

Julianne says, “When we learned about the research being done for Usher Syndrome, we thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great, if in our kids’ lifetime, there is a genetic cure?’"


“That is why the work happening at CMRI is so exciting, as their goal is to turn genetic knowledge into treatments and even cures.”

Support us by making a one-off donation

Help grow cells in the lab to study Usher Syndrome Type 2C.
Fund an hour of research that could bring us closer to a cure.
Help test new therapies for Usher Syndrome in the lab.

Click the button below to setup your monthly donation. As a regular monthly giver, you will have an even bigger impact on the lives of Aussie kids facing genetic diseases. Alternatively, you can phone 1800 436 437 to organise your regular gift.

Your kindness and generosity today will light up Christmas for many families well into the future. 

Your donation will fund research that could give the gift of hearing and sight to children like William and Hugo.

Please donate today.